Tsangaya System of Education recieves boost in Adamawa and Sokoto States

  • By Adamu Bakari

The need to intergrade and improve Sangaya system of education have gotten a boost with the coming of INTPA project in Adamawa and Sokoto states.

This was disclosed during a round table media engagement organized by PLAN International with Funding from European Union held at Grand Pela Suits Abuja.

In his presentation during the media engagement, the Adamawa and Sokoto states coordinator of the project Mr Joseph Julius have stated the main objectives of INTPA project.

Also facilitating, Laban Onisimus Head of Social Development Programme PLAN International have rolled out what Tsangaya system of education is all about and the need to transform it.

In an interview Laban have stated what they intend to do.

Earlier in their good will massages, the representatives of Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation Yola and Sokoto state Media Corporation respectively expressed their appreciations for efforts of development partners and readiness of their stations to amplify the needed information to the target audience for transformation of the society.

The two days round table media engagement drew 15 participants from Abuja, Adamawa and Sokoto states featured various presentations on the need to know and roles of media as an agent of change in the society.

Organisers of the event expressed their feel and expectationsOn the other hand participants also spoke on what are their take aways from the training meeting.

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