Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation is an offshoot of the defunct Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation NBC, and the then Gongola Broadcasting Corporation, GBC.

With the creation of Gongola state out of the former North Eastern state, in 1976, the station inherited equipment and staff from the old NBC in what became known as the Gongola Broadcasting Corporation. At that time a twin BC 10, KLW transmitter with studio equipment and an OB Van were inherited.
Subsequently, booster stations in Hong (Still in Adamawa), Jalingo, Bali and Wukari (all in now Taraba state) were built in addition to the base transmitter in Mba-Mba Yola to cover the old Gongola state.

When Taraba state was created in 1991, the station become Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation with Mbamba-Yola remaining the base transmitting station and Hong booster station covering the Northern part of the station.
In the same 1991, a 25KW FM stereo transmitter was installed and a Harris 50KW AM transmitter was procured enabling the station to operate two separate Channels, AM and FM.

Presently, the ABC, Yola operates on two 50KW AM transmitters (Harris and Thompson) and 20 FM transmitter (Harris) separately.
The two studios are self operated with modern high capacity equipment.
Our signals are received in the neighboring states of Taraba, Gombe, Borno and the republic of Cameroun.

Since inception, till date, the station is covered by the Gongola Broadcasting Corporation Edict No 4 of 1979 (same sections hereby attached)
The station has over the years produced experienced and well-trained Producers, Presenters, Technical staff and others some of whom pioneered some new public and private stations while some are working with international media networks like the BBC, VOA, DW, Aljazeera as well as FRCN and VON.